The Upwards Stream: the How-To Guide to Gentrification

The Upward and the Downward streams

Someone once asked me how we even go about gentrifying reality, after all, it hadn’t been touched on much at that point. Do we use a transition state or what? And finally, I have an answer for that.

When we see gentrification, its often times in two forms, that being Upwards Gentrification and Downwards Gentrification. Well what does any of this mean? It’s simply the direction gentrification is achieved. Posadism would be gentrifying downwards as the means of production are destroyed, people are travelling down the societal hierarchy and technological complexity. Whereas if it’s travelling upwards, this means that the ranks of the petite-bourgeois start to swell, and then the bourgeois and the proletariat becomes extinct per se. It essentially goes hand in hand with the development of society. Society develops in complexity and upwards gentrification occurs but if collapses then downwards gentrification occurs. This is the link between technology and capitalism. The combination of technology and capital drive us forwards.

When it comes to Downwards Gentrification, it’s pretty simple and uncomplicated (at least in theory). In Primitivism and Posadism we move downwards, rejecting and gentrifying class.

The more complicated form of Gentrification is when it’s heading upwards, it’s significantly harder to gentrify society upwards then the inevitable collapse of civilisation or nuclear destruction. But how do we Gentrify upwards? This can be achieved by your standard leftist means if you want to but it is important to remember the problems with revolution. So this means your unions and transitional state and what you wish. Though the issues with these are that most of these are essentially dead. They’ve had the life sucked out of them by the vampire that is neoliberalism. But luckily we do have things to fall back upon like the hijacking of the neoliberal state. This would be done by what is described as Radical Yangist-NeoMarxist Thought where you trick the neoliberal state into accelerating the gentrification in the name of growth. Where this NeoMarxist school of thought originates from is Yang’s promises of giving people each a thousand dollars but if it were perhaps more radical, it would help gentrify upwards achieving the omniclass. But one must be careful with this to not fall into the pitfalls of trickle-down economics as that has been proven to just deaccelerate the gentrification.

And somewhat similarly to the decentralised Cyber-NeoMarxism, it would also be possible to also gentrify upwards using Mutualism and Market Socialism.

Cyber-NeoMarxism and Radical Yangist-NeoMarxist Thought

Many people have their own opinions on the state, markets, civilisation and technology and therefore are naturally biased towards different methods of accelerating this gentrification. But, we must put all our biases aside for the sake of NeoMarxism. Abandon your biases and embrace the One Struggle. Unlike inferior forms of PaleoMarxist thoughts, NeoMarxism cannot afford to be divided in the same way. We must all work together so we can gentrify reality.

You may also have questions about what praxis looks like. NeoMarxist praxis looks like channelling the flow of the Upwards stream. It is not necessary to protect and guide the Downwards stream as there’s nothing that can be done to ‘prevent’ that stream but others may try to subvert the Upwards stream. And we can protect this stream through trade unions (even those are dead), Cyber NeoMarxism, Radical Yangist-NeoMarxist Thought and it’s weaker cousin Social Democracy. And if those look unrealistic or appealing to you, still support them and advocate for them while choosing to personally gentrify downwards. This entails seceding from civilisation. And hopefully, with these methods, we can cause the implosion.



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