The Neoteric: the Constant Rebirth of Ideology and the Contradictions that don’t Contradict

The work horse with blinders

Neoteric means new. And this is the core of Neoteric Marxism. Not because it is simply a reformed Marxism, updated for the modern times but because it is an ideology of constant rebirth and an ideology of contradictions which don’t contradict.

But is also an ideology of constant contradiction. Anyone looking in from the outside would be confused why we have Radical Yangist Thought (statist and capitalist), Cyber Neoteric Marxism (decentralised, high tech and capitalist), Primitivist Neoteric Marxism (decentralised and low tech) and Posadist Neoteric Marxism (communist and low tech). Don’t these ideas all contradict? Perhaps they do but they also don’t. They are contradictions which don’t contradict.

This can be clearly explained by Chat’s essay on whether Neoteric Marxism is left or right. It is just a large workhorse with blinders on. It does not care to look at the surroundings and participate in petty arguments. It only cares about reaching its end goal, fully obsessed with pragmaticism. It does not care who is a “liberal” or a real communist. Because if liberalism can gentrify, it’s a good thing, who cares. It will use whatever it can that is there which will gentrify reality, whether that is statism, anarchy, neoliberalism, capitalism or socialism. It only cares about the end goal, marching forwards and bearing its load until it reaches liberation.

And this links back to the idea of the One Struggle. The idea of the One Struggle is that we must ignore all infighting and instead work to gentrify. It does not fight the contradiction that is but embraces it for maximised results.

And this is where renewal comes into play. Instead of hanging onto old ideologies because of idealistic reasons or simple attachment to aesthetics or it’s achievements of the past, it clings onto those ideologies which are showing results. It doesn’t care about the surroundings. It has to plod forwards.

Most ideologies dread new sects arising. They split the party ranks or cause conflict but this is not the case for Neoteric Marxism. When new sects arise, they join the One Struggle and together, every Neoteric Marxist roots for them, driving the horse with blinders forwards to its end goal. And this is why it’s called Neoteric. It’s the constant renewal of the ideology, not scared of letting go of ineffective methods. It looks at its reality and decides from there onwards what to do.

“One of civilization’s greatest faults is its attempt to homogenize a global culture, to spread one set of ideas of how everything — from governance to architecture to agriculture to music — must be done “properly.” But if you build flat-roofed houses in cold climates, snow is going to build up and your roof is going to collapse. If you fell trees from a hillside the same as you do in the valleys, your soil is going to erode.”

Quote: Margaret Killjoy

And from there, it doesn’t fall into the traps of ideologies in the past. We all know how well 20th-century leftist ideologies have adapted to the present day. They’re ineffective and politics withers as time marches on and crises draw closer. Neoteric Marxism is ever-changing and can adapt to these changes as it’s whole point is adaption, reaching its end goal which is liberation.